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    Designed by a travel agent, for travel agents.

About Runway
A short background behind the software

Runway was designed by Francois Swart, a travel agent with years of experience running his boutique agency – and years of frustration with systems that did some of the work, but left him juggling spreadsheets and scanned quotes, or searching for emails and needles in booking haystacks if a consultant took a day off.

The bigger software systems always sounded great, but they’re tailored to huge businesses with budgets to match… Enough was enough!

Francois commissioned skilled software developers to tailor-make a new system for the agency of the future. A system that could meet his high standards and deliver consistently excellent results.

The Brief

  • Seamless integration with suppliers, systems and accounting software.
  • Comprehensive database for every aspect of the business.
  • Integration with emails and tracking of every detail of every job.
  • Automated CRM that has a personal touch.
  • Standardised quoting that calculates for you – with automatic invoicing and vouchers (Because we’ve all pressed + instead of – on the 7th version of that quote.)
  • Easy to use!

The Result

The Result

  • A comprehensive solution for the small & medium-sized travel agent.
  • Runway makes life simpler, makes management & reporting make sense, and takes customer service to a whole new level.
  • Runway gives agents and business owners the time & control we need to remember why we love this crazy industry.

Sharing the love of travel

The system transformed Francois’ business and it can do the same for you!

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